METROFIRE Policies and Procedures

1-1 Mutual Aid Guidelines
1-2 Mutual Aid Procedure
10-1 Summary Status and Activity Reporting
10-3 Emergency Fireground Evacuation Signal
10-4 Radio Emergency Message Tone
200-1 Running Card Usage
200-2 Statewide Mobilization Plan
5-1 Metrofire Radio Use By Other Communities
5-2 Metrofire Radio Channel Usage
50-2 Radio Frequency Usage
50-4 Weekly Red Channel Radio Test
70-1 Haz-Mat Response Team Activation/Notification
70-2 HAZMAT Response Team Cost Recovery (indident/training)
70-4 Metrofire Hazmat Vehicle Usage
80-1 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
80-2 State Police Special Operations
80-4 Metrofire Command Post Operations
80-5 Metrofire Air Supply Unit
80-7 EMS Support to Multiple Casualty Incidents
80-8 MBTA Evacuation / Rehabilitation Buses
80-9 MBTA / Braintree Heavy Duty Rescue
80-11 Massport Fire-Rescue Regional Task Force
9-1 Radio Announcements
90-2 Fire Safety House Trailer
90-3 DFS Incident Response Unit


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