Radio Announcements


The following policy establishes the guidelines for radio announcements over the METROFIRE radio network.

It is the policy of METROFIRE, in accordance with regulations governing use of emergency band radios, to limit radio announcements to the overall business affairs of METROFIRE and information pertaining to the district as a whole.

All requests for announcements should be made by the chief officer of the local requesting department, or the chairman of the requesting METROFIRE committee, to the METROFIRE chairman or his designate.

Funeral announcements will be made for chiefs, retired chiefs, active officers and firefighters serving communities within the district, and any firefighter killed at the scene of a fire within the Commonwealth.

Generally, announcements will be made immediately prior to the radio test at 1000 hours andagain at 2000 hrs, and always on a non-interference basis to fire related radio traffic.


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