EMS Support to Multiple Casualty Incidents


The purpose of this procedure is to establish an interim PROCEDURE within METROFIRE, until EMS protocols are finalized for the area, to provide additional EMS units to respond to Mass Casualty Incidents under Metrofire command. These incidents are presently being defined as any incident requiring EMS beyond the level that can be readily obtained at the community level.

The activation of this resource may be initiated by the Chief of Department or his designee during any incident that may require EMS resources beyond that locally available.

All requests will be made to the METROFIRE CONTROL CENTER who will contact CMED BOSTON for the proper support for the incident requested.

Requests to the METROFIRE CONTROL CENTER will require the following information from the requesting community:

1. Location of the incident
2. Requesting Department and a callback number
3. Incident Commander
4. Nature/extent of the incident
5. Estimated number of casualties
6. Staging area for the EMS Units


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