Metrofire Radio Use By Other Communities

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The Metrofire Radio Committee, Policy, and membership have approved the following policy regarding the use of Metrofire Radio mutual aid coordination frequency 483.3125/154.220 mhz (Red Channel).

1. The outside community must be a surrounding community generally involved with mutual aid to or from a Metrofire community.

2. Usage is limited to mutual aid communications of an emergency nature with Metrofire communities or apparatus.

3. The outside community will not be included in the Metrofire roll-call and test.

4. Usage will be limited to mobiles and portables.

5. The outside community must obtain proper license for the operation of its radios, and follow the normal coordination procedure.

6. Metrofire recommends that all fire districts adopt similar policies for the use of their frequencies by adjacent communities as an aid to improved mutual aid and/or task force communications.


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