Metrofire Air Supply Unit


The purpose of this procedure is to establish within METROFIRE the use of the METROFIRE AIR SUPPLY UNIT

A cascade type Air Supply Unit has been purchased by Metrofire for use as needed by the Metrofire departments. The unit is capable of filling both 2.2 and 4.5 air bottles. Housing and routine maintenance of the Unit will be provided by the Weston Fire Department. It will be delivered and operated by members of the Weston Department trained in it's operation.

The activation of this resource may be initiated by the Chief of Department or his designee during any incident that may require extended use of air supply service.

All requests will be made to the METROFIRE CONTROL CENTER who will activate the delivery of the AIR SUPPLY UNIT through established procedures. ALL requests for delivery of the unit must go through the Metrofire Control Center. Weston will not dispatch the Unit on direct request

Requests to the METROFIRE CONTROL CENTER will require the following information from the requesting community:

1. Location of the incident
2. Requesting Department and a callback number
3. Incident Commander
4. Nature/extent of the incident
5. Staging area for the AIR SUPPLY UNIT

The unit's radio call sign will be "METRO AIR SUPPLY" and it will operate on the METROFIRE "RED" CHANNEL primarily. The unit is equipped with both UHF and VHF radios so direct communication on local channels with most departments will be possible, if desired.


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