Mutual Aid Guidelines


The following guidelines provide general guidance for the use of Mutual Aid Companies, and do not cover every situation that may be encountered in a Mutual Aid Emergency.

In general, Mutual Aid will only be called in emergency situations for emergency duties, and the responding Mutual Aid Companies will be returned to their own community in as timely a manner as conditions permit.

In general, coverage should commence only after the commitment of at least a First Alarm (or equivalent) response in the affected community. (This should not rule out calls for specialized equipment such as foam units, SCUBA teams, etc.)

The Chief Officer of the department receiving aid will make every effort to release mutual Aid companies, and to return such companies to their respective communities as soon as conditions permit. It is not the intent of the Metrofire Communities to hold Mutual Aid Companies throughout salvage operations or for other non-emergency duties.

Mutual Aid Companies are not required to assist the affected community in performing any non-emergency duties such as packing hose, nor are they required to perform station housekeeping and maintenance functions except for normal desk watch.

Consistant with the emergency needs of the affected community, every effort should be made to return Mutual Aid Companies at least 1/2 hour prior to the shift changes.

The Chief Officer of the department sending Mutual Aid Companies may request through METROFIRE control, the recall of covering apparatus (or companies not directly involved in fireground activities), when in his opinion, conditions in his community, warrants such action. Such recalls will only be effected when substitute apparatus has been dispatched by METROFIRE control, or such release is approved by the Chief Officer of the receiving community.


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