MBTA Evacuation / Rehabilitation Buses


The MBTA will make available on call, buses for emergency evacuations from incident areas, and two specially modified buses for firefighter rehab on the fireground. The Rehab units, known as "Community Response Units", are refitted with bench seats to accommodate firefighters in full turnout gear. They have extra air-conditioning, and are equipped with a side awning to provide a shaded R&R area. This document provides instruction for the activation of both the Evacuation Buses and the Community Response Units.

The activation of these resources may be initiated by the Chief of Department or his designee during any incident where their use can assist in the mitigation of an emergency situation.

Requests may be made to the Metrofire Control Center who will activate the dispatch of the units through the MBTA Operations Center, or by direct call to the MBTA Operations Center at 222-5777.

Requests must specify the need for Evacuation Buses and indicate the approximate number of people to be evacuated; or the need for the Community Response Units; or both.

Requests to either Control Center will require the following information from the requesting community:

1. Location of the incident
2. Requesting Department and a callback number
3. Incident Commander
4. Nature/extent of the incident
5. Staging area for the Units

Immediate response of either type unit will be made by the MBTA utilizing standby drivers. The Incident Commander should arrange to have the incoming MBTA units met at the staging area; and directed as desired: ie. where the Rehab area is, or is to be set-up; how the evacuation is to proceed and under whose control.

The operation of this REHAB facility at the firescene, including the supply of EMS and Support personnel as required, is the responsibility of the local community and under the control of the Incident Commander.


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