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Official Massachusetts METROFIRE Homepage

METROFIRE is an association of Fire Departments in the Metropolitan Boston area to coordinate Mutual Aid and to act as a common entity for improving the overall effectiveness of their Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

List of Massachusetts fire departments
List of radio frequencies of metrofire departments and divisions
Statistics of registered fires and other calls by year
AS OF JULY 1, 2016

What is Fire Insurance?

Fire insurance is intended to provide coverage for your home, other structures on your property including garages, sheds, fences, and furniture as well as personal property including: cash, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, computers and any other items you own. The coverage usually includes either replacement or compensation for loss of use. Loss of use covers ancillary expenses if you are displaced by fire including necessary hotel stays, replacement clothing, laundry services, necessary meals out, pet boarding and other living expenses you incur during a time when you can not stay in your home while it’s being repaired or rebuilt.

Fire insurance is crucial to your financial safety and security because it covers damage and loss of your property caused by accidental fires. Fire insurance is typically included in high quality homeowners insurance policies with a stated limit on how much money the insurance company will pay you for any damages in a case where a fire is the cause of your hardship. Keep in mind, it is your responsibility to read your insurance policy to make sure it does cover fire damage, or to acquire supplemental fire protection insurance if your homeowners policy excludes it.

Two things that aren’t covered under a homeowners insurance policy usually are arson or a fire in a vacant home. Arson by someone else is a crime and often falls under another part of your insurance policy, intentional arson by a homeowner is insurance fraud and results in serious criminal penalties as well as the insurance policies being voided immediately. If a home is vacant at the time of the fire, that may also void the coverage, unless your policy specifically includes absentee residents. Vacant is usually defined as unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days prior to the fire.

How Much Does Fire Insurance Cost?

The price of fire insurance varies quite a bit from one company to the next and from one policy tier to another. The key to getting the best insurance at the most affordable rate is being able to easily and quickly compare fire insurance quotes from more than one provider. can help you obtain a free fire insurance quote right now and it only takes a few moments to find the best price on your new policy.

How to Get Fire Insurance

You may already have fire insurance coverage included in your homeowners policy, but it may not be the best coverage or the most affordable rate. Worse, you may not have coverage and be completely unaware your policy excludes it. Start by reading your own insurance policy, then compare it with the free price quotes other insurance carriers will provide to you via Mass Metro Fire so that you can rest easy, knowing your possessions are all covered from fire damage at the most affordable price.